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Forecasting is both art and science. Rare are those that do both well.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Unparalleled Experience

We’ve walked in your shoes. The only thing certain about a forecast is that it will be wrong. With over 20 years of demand and revenue forecasting responsibility for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we have learned to use every tool in our toolbox to minimize the margin of error.

Comprehensive Analysis

We provide the “why” behind the forecast. We hone our models by comparing actual results to what was forecasted, knowing that a forecast is not just a number, but a way forward. Understanding what audience segments, product attributes, or market conditions drive the forecast contributes to a successful launch.

Holistic Perspective

New products and services are seldom introduced in a vacuum. We ascertain not only the potential for the new product, but its likely impact on other products and services in your portfolio – and your competitors – as well.

Risk Assessment

While our forecasts are what we believe will most likely happen, we also quantify both risk and upside potential on a scaled basis, allowing you to decide your degree of comfort with a new product introduction. All new products carry risk. Our job is to put it in a box.

Our Approach


We work directly with your team to acquire existing business driver data, and marry with industry metrics, competitor intelligence, and primary research if available. We gather secondary research to identify outside factors that could impact future performance.


Utilizing statistical forecasting techniques and our years of experience, we develop models that transform inputs into actionable projections with measurable results.


We provide interactive forecasts in Excel for your team to leverage. We walk you through the details of the model and provide guidance on best practices for updating forecasts and measuring variance.

Featured Case Studies

When To Perform Demand and Revenue Forecasting

• The risk of getting it wrong is substantial.

• You are entering new territory such as a new line of business, brand extension, etc. with which you are less comfortable.

• You are worried about the impact of new products and services on your existing lines of business.

• You embrace the notion that a scientific approach to product feasibility is better than a hope and a prayer.

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