Segmentation Studies

All customers are not alike. Speak to them like you know this.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Actionable Segments

We marry demographics, behaviors, and psychographics to develop actionable segments. If you can’t find them, you can’t speak to them.

Multi-Sourced Data

We work with other providers that you engage to work their databases into the segmentation schema.

Persona Development

We build personas for each segment, bringing their personalities to life with a storyboard of demographics, behaviors, psychographics, and images.

Quick Assessment Typing Tool

We conduct further analysis to identify a small number of questions that accurately segment a customer with over 85% accuracy. This makes the segmentation even more actionable among potential prospects.

Our Approach

Collaborative Development

Designing an effective segmentation questionnaire requires close collaboration with internal marketing, sales and product development teams as well as external ad agencies and experience designers. We synthesize input and produce a respondent ready survey.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

We leverage multiple approaches including latent class analysis, k-means clustering, factor analysis and two-step cluster analysis to reduce many variables to the most defining set of questions. We both “back-cast” the existing data and leverage additional research to test the predictability of the segmentation schema.

Making Segments Actionable

Each segment is also sized to help inform potential demand and revenue opportunities. Through infographic reporting and development of story-driven personas, we bring the segments to life.

Featured Case Studies

When To Conduct Customer Segmentation Studies

• You want to get more from your existing marketing and sales efforts, and eliminate wasteful spending by targeting consumers with more relevant messages.

• You are developing a new business and want to reach the most relevant consumers at launch. While many consumers may be viable prospects, understanding who the early adopters will be helps jumpstart the endeavor.

• You want to put a “face” on your consumers, based on data and insights, and size the opportunity for specific audiences.

• You are developing new products or services and recognize that not all of your customers think alike. Customization during the development process will ensure you build something that will appeal to multiple targets.

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