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icon attractions

"Joni, Scott, and the team at Integrated Insight have helped us on many projects over the past 10 years. Their strategic insights have consistently delivered significantly increased revenues and profitability - without fail. Their ability to envision the experience from the guest journey to the bottom line has made all the difference in our value proposition. We rely on Integrated Insight to help us navigate our way on projects large and small. We couldn’t recommend them more."

- Eli Stovall, Founder of Icon Attractions, LLC

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“Most consultants in this space are researchers. Integrated Insight is a team of business people that understands research as it informed the results with which they had to live. They were not simply responsible to complete the research, they were directly responsible for the real life results.”

If you go to a Big 4 consulting firm, you are getting fresh analytical talent from the best schools in the world. However, these young minds do not have real life wisdom from decades of true-life business adventures. You are going to pay much more for this inexperience than you will for the depth of the been-there-done-that wisdom that Integrated Insight provides.

Lastly, having been the client of many millions of dollars of consultants over my career, I cannot over emphasize the import of the working relationship that Integrated Insight establishes and extends with its clients. This is not about feeling good. This is about having a professional friend in your corner, so when you need some extra hand holding with that tough Board Member, Integrated Insight is there with you to carry the day. For a period of time the Integrated Insight team becomes your teammates, available by phone, text or email at any time.”

- Michael McCall, Chief Strategy Officer at Fair Oaks Farms

north point

“Integrated Insight came so highly recommended I was skeptical. In addition to that, we were not their typical client. But they lived up to the hype and actually exceeded our expectations. They did everything you would want them to do. They listened to us. They asked the right questions; some questions we did not know to ask. They learned about our context. They understood us. And that was before they delivered their results. The real win for us in working with Integrated Insight was being handed data on our “current customers” and our community (potential “future customers”) that we could not have obtained on our own. Now we don’t have to make decisions and create strategy based on what worked in the past and our assumptions. We can move forward with facts and feel confident about our next steps. And we feel like we have a friend and ally we can call any time.”

- Casey Ross, Director at North Point Community Church

laguardia gateway partners

"We have been working with Integrated Insight for 3 years. They have been instrumental in gathering data for LaGuardia Gateway Partners.

The team was outstanding to work with, ever so helpful and always thinking ahead. I always felt they went above and beyond the call of duty. With the pandemic causing everyone to go touchless the team jumped into action to go touchless. Allowing us to continue collecting data at a critical time.

Their expertise in analysis and ability to present finding to all levels was outstanding.  I do hope I can work with them again."

Faisal Mirza, Manager of Guest Experience at LaGuardia Gateway Partners

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