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Insightful Wayfinding Design with AI-Based Simulation Modeling

Simulation technology is a powerful tool for enhancing wayfinding, allowing designers to test how people will explore and navigate through environments.
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Agent-Based Simulation in the Themed Entertainment Industry: Enhancing the Guest Experience with Predictive Analytics

Simulation and AI technology enable designers to test experiential designs, improve operational efficiency, and ensure health and safety protocols.
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Staffing Optimization: Re-Evaluating Labor Needs in a Post-COVID World

Amid high wages and labor shortages, assessing efficient staffing levels is crucial to optimize workforce resources.
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Restaurant Happy Hour Pricing: How to Improve Profit Margins

Is your happy hour pricing strategy helping or hurting your profit margins? Here are important factors to consider when evaluating the profitability of discounting your food and beverage offerings.
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How the Burden of Choice Impacts Your Customers

Your customers can feel immobilized by the number of choices presented to them. The ultimate balance any company should aim to strike is the one between consumer appeal and higher sales and revenues.
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How Hoteliers Can Optimize Revenue with Post-COVID Demand

As hoteliers look to capture limited demand and maintain yields during lingering COVID-19 impacts, optimizing yield on each guest is critical.
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Basic Guide to Process Improvement: A Structured Approach to Optimizing Your Operation

The most successful companies are those that can continuously adapt to meet the changing needs of the consumer and their business. Process improvement can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where and how to start.
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Building It Right The First Time: A Guest-Centric, Analytical Approach to Capacity Planning

New experiences and facilities require a high upfront investment, and often are difficult and costly to adjust after building. And so, strategically building the right amount of capacity for the right guests can save a number of headaches later. This article lays out the major steps to planning capacity using a guest-centric, analytical approach.
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Case Study: Market Assessment & Feasibility Study for New Attraction

One of the toughest decisions for any business is often when to start and when to expand. Making the decision to develop a new attraction or to expand into new markets is always exciting. Creative juices flow and big plans get made, but when the rubber hits the road – what is the right decision?
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Foundational Approaches to Achieve Operational Efficiency

Focus on foundational approaches to operational efficiency to avoid excess costs, unnecessary frustration for both customers and employees, and lower quality products or services. Often companies focus on “big picture” initiatives, resulting in company-wide standardization or major organizational changes. But there is always opportunity to make incremental progress by optimizing lower-level processes as well.
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How To Conduct An Efficiency Summit

An efficiency summit is a gathering of key stakeholders with the specific goal to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency. This is accomplished through structured observations and data analysis.
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Customer Loyalty Programs: The Ultimate Guide

Loyalty programs have become commonplace for retailers in today’s market. Determining the correct program to implement can make a difference in the value of the loyalty program for consumers and your business.
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Q&A: Get to Know Terry Dolan, Managing Research Director of Research Operations at Integrated Insight

With over 30 years of experience in research operations, Terry Dolan, Director at Integrated Insight, has a lot of stories to share.
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Identifying Safe Reopening Strategies for Ski Resorts Using Agent-Based Simulation

Agent-based simulation can model operational scenarios to aid in decision making, including line management techniques.
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Finding Operational Efficiency in a COVID-19 World and Beyond

Agent-based simulation modeling enables companies to resolve operational limitations with Covid-19 restrictions. Finding process improvements will allow venues to put on seasonal events in 2020 safely.
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Identifying Opportunity for Hotel Revenue Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Follow the case study of Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, who came out strong in summer 2020 with strategic shifts in response to COVID-19.
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The Temptation and Risk of Discounting in a Covid-19 World

As businesses reopen, many are grappling with the need to discount to generate demand. While it may seem like the right thing to do, will discounting really help generate profitable demand?
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Optimizing Restaurant Space To Increase Sales Post-COVID-19

Optimizing Restaurant Space To Increase Sales During COVID-19

With capacity constraints and space limitations, restaurants need to optimize the utilization of space available to increase daily sales.
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solving elevator high rise transportation with social distancing

Solving Elevator Transportation During COVID-19 With Simulation Modeling

In our experience, we’ve found that agent-based simulation is the best option for mitigating elevator operation with social distancing.
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how to write b2b email survey invitations

Let’s Get Personal: Getting the Most out of B2B Survey Invitations

Let's look at best practices for B2B surveys to make the most out of invitations, leading to happier respondents and better research.
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5 Cost-Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies during the Coronavirus Era

Proactive marketing can be an effective tool for restaurants, but with limited cash flow, how should restaurants be advertising, and how should marketing priorities change?
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optimize restaurants coronavirus increase table turn time

How To Maximize Restaurant Throughput By Minimizing Table Turn Time

How can food and beverage locations maximize throughput given that they can’t serve as many people in the dining room at once?
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Menu Engineering Strategies for Restaurants to Optimize Revenue

In order to survive the upcoming economic challenges, restaurants need to implement menu engineering to improve the bottom line.
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how companies can understand capacity with social distancing guidelines

How to Determine Operational Capacity in a Covid-19 World

Determining the right operational capacity for establishments depend on four key items: space, customer density, operational flow, and process time.
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loyalty program to help businesses during coronavirus

How Loyalty Programs Can Help Businesses in Post-Covid Economy

Customer loyalty programs help businesses in the post COVID economy by increasing customer retention and achieving low customer acquisition costs.
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in person research interviews coronavirus

Myth-Busting In-Person Research in a Socially Distanced World

Let's take a look at the myths held on to by market researchers to understand why now is a good time to implement in-person research.
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retail queue optimization

How Agent-Based Simulation Can Optimize Queue Management

Queue management has a significant impact on the bottom line. Efficient queues increase throughput, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.
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faucet is leaking with cash because company is cutting way to profitability with their revenue strategy

You Can’t Cut Your Way To Profitability – Rethink Your Revenue Strategy

In a downturn, many companies make severe cost cuts that sacrifice total revenue and profit margin.
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5 step marketing guide for coronavirus outbreak

Adapting Your Marketing Plans for the Coronavirus Downturn

The COVID-19 outbreak presents marketers with tough decisions. For many, this may be the most crucial time in their company’s history to stay connected to audiences.
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coronavirus pricing strategy

Pricing Strategies To Focus On During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In times of crisis, there is risk of making short term pricing decisions that will have long term impacts.
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How to Communicate Pricing

After you have researched and created a strategy, how are you supposed to communicate pricing to consumers? A well-designed pricing strategy will provide inherent levers to help move consumers along the continuum of products and services available for sale. Pricing communication strategies are essential to gaining incremental demand. To ensure successful implementation, pricing communication needs to …

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Why Focus on Pricing?

It is important to focus on pricing to achieve profitability. Increasing revenue will help alleviate some of the cost pain for business owners.
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How to Develop a Successful Pricing Strategy

These principles will help your strategy execution by keeping the focus on the end goal and providing a tool for sorting through strategic options.
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successful promotional pricing strategies

Successful Promotional Pricing Strategies

Discounts and promotions, if executed well, are an effective way to help boost revenue. Over the past decade, we have become firm believers that leading with the consumer consistently produces optimal and sustainable results.
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The Making of Magic Your Way – Walt Disney World’s Pricing Strategy

The principals of Integrated Insight, Inc. designed, developed, and implemented Magic Your Way, the most sweeping change in revenue strategy in Walt Disney Company history.
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Building the Business Case for Disney’s “Back to the Basics” Guest Service Training

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are renowned for guest service. While still employed by Disney, the Integrated Insight team carried  responsibility for identifying and proving the business case for customer service, resulting in millions of dollars of re-investment in service enhancements, training and leadership development as the company engaged In a “Back to the Basics” …

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Implementation of Disney’s Operations Command Center to Optimize Queue Times

Founding Integrated Insight partner, Joni Newkirk, led the Walt Disney World team that created the "Operation Command Center," a team of industrial engineers tasked with improving the guest experience by tightening up operations and managing guest flow. The command center could spot issues before gridlock occurred. Ongoing monitoring and implementation of countermeasures enabled the Industrial Engineering team to identify enough throughput efficiency to improve average rides per visitor, and save the resort from having to immediately invest in another multi-million dollar ride to increase capacity.
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