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With a strategic operational assessment, your organization can operate resourcefully AND improve the customer experience at the same time.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Focus on the Customer Experience

An efficient operation uses analytics to reduce transaction time, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize communication in order to reduce wait times, increase sales, and enhance the consumer and employee experience.

Concentration on the Employee Experience

Employees are great at finding work-around solutions and compensating for less than optimal systems. We identify their pain points to make their jobs more efficient, allowing more time directly spent with your customers.

Data Collection and Reporting

Along the way, we identify current information gaps as well as strategies to collect needed data. We develop reports and dashboards to facilitate ongoing monitoring and identification of issues.

Best Practices

We leverage decades of Disney experience to identify opportunities to apply industry best practices to any type of operation. We partner throughout the pilot testing and implementation phase of process changes to ensure smooth execution.

Our Approach


We meet with key operators to understand current pain points in the process, observe the operation, and collect relevant data.


We analyze the data collected onsite combined with historical data to quantify the impact of improved processes, renewed capture of lost sales, reductions in wait time, and fewer user errors.


We provide tactical solutions ranging from minor operational adjustments to major investments such as facility or organizational changes.

Featured Case Studies

When To Evaluate Operational Efficiency

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  • Customer experience is impacted by inefficiencies in the system.
  • Work processes between divisions or departments is not optimal.
  • Costs are escalating faster than inflation.
  • A process has remained unmodified even as consumer expectations, technology, or infrastructure has changed.

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