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We have a great concept. Will it work with this market?

The Integrated Insight Difference

Unparalleled Experience

From our experience at Disney, we understand the allure of new ventures. Our techniques for evaluating market and competitive dynamics and determining potential sites have been developed from decades of real-world experience.

Sizing the Market

We study all of your potential audiences - including consumers and B2B partners - to size the potential market. Coupled with market research, we can hone in on your sweet spot, or those most likely to be early adopters.

Site Selection for Success

We are adept at identifying geographical areas of opportunity. We put more credence on how consumers think and what is best for your long-term business goals over "too good to pass up" opportunities that will result in higher marketing costs for years to come.

Objective Evaluation of Your Competition
Objective Evaluation

Understanding your competitive landscape helps determine the potential success of new products or services. We perform a complete analysis of what your competition sells, how they price their products, and how they go to market.

Our Approach


We collect information on potential markets to understand the people who live, work, and travel there. For competitors, we research what they are selling, to whom, and how.


Our team works with the data to discover trends and opportunities. This will inform, but not dictate, what range of opportunity exists for your products and services.


We deliver a comprehensive assessment of both the market and the competitive landscape. For site selection, we recommend the highest opportunity locations, backed by factors important to consumers.

Featured Case Studies

When To Conduct Market, Competitive, and Site Selection Analysis

• You are entering new geographic areas with which you are less familiar.

• Trend analysis could lend insight to new product or service potential.

• Competition is prevalent and your product or service relies on stealing market share.

• Market size is undetermined.

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