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It’s a great idea, but will it work? Objectively evaluate risk and reward.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Customized Approach

We work iteratively with your organization, developing customized models for your business and revising as additional inputs and new information are made available.

We Leave the Tools in Your Hands

Our models are built for you to use now and in the future. Menu driven, easy to input, and secured to maintain data integrity.

Built-in Risk & Reward Assessment

Our pro forma models are designed to evaluate risks and opportunities. We identify the impact of individual factors on the overall financial feasibility, and scale the risk and upside opportunity for each.

Our Experience Is Your Benefit

You benefit from our experience with capital projects across multiple industries. We know the importance of calibrating overstatement in demand for new products and services, and working synergistically within organizations to support new product introductions.

Our Approach


We leverage all information available to provide input to the financial models including industry analytics, competitor intelligence, and primary research (if conducted). This is supplemented with interviews with the project team and our own extensive knowledge base.


Customized Excel based pro forma models are created to assess financial feasibility. Financial models include demand and revenue estimates, benchmarked operating cost assumptions, and net income. Cash flow models are utilized to understand return on investment over a ten to thirty year horizon.


We prepare initial feasibility and supportable capital investment, and quantify potential risks and upside opportunity. Final models are turned over to your team to conduct additional what-if analysis as later changes in product scope are made.

Featured Case Studies

When To Perform Financial Feasibility and Pro Forma Development

• You need to determine the best use of limited investment capital.

• A new product or service is introduced that really has no comparable in the existing portfolio.

• There are factors that can be highly volatile to your success.

• You need to understand investment phasing strategies to maximize return on investment.

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