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You may love your idea, but will your target audience? Ask them.

The Integrated Insight Difference

It's a Team Effort

Throughout the conceptual phase of a new project, we work closely with designers to understand the essence of the concept to be able to accurately represent it in research.


We appreciate that design is iterative. We work diligently with you to reach a final product to test, that both conveys the essence of the project and is easy for consumers to understand.

Insight Driven

We use a liberal dose of open-end questions, then code and quantify the data to dive deeper into strengths and opportunities.

Actionable Reporting

We provide immediate feedback once the field work is complete, followed by an insightful report to keep the project moving without interruption.

Our Approach

Collaborate with Designers

We work hand-in-hand with the design teams to develop stimulus (visual and story-driven text) to convey the new product or service. This is inserted directly into focus groups and/or online research for consumers to provide feedback.

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Qualitatively, respondents provide rich feedback on product appeal, what resonates most and what would make the product or service even better. Quantitatively, we obtain data needed to estimate demand and set pricing.

Fast Turn-Around

Immediately after the field work is complete, we prepare a top-line report of findings to keep the creative process moving. A full report in PowerPoint with deeper insights follows in about three weeks.

Featured Case Studies

When To Perform Concept Testing

• New products, facilities, packaging, and services.

• Brand messaging and advertising tactics.

• Pricing and incentive structures.

• App or website development.

• Name and logo testing.

• Package design testing.

Need to Perform Concept Testing?

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