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Better than an educated guess. Present real-world decisions to real consumers to optimize revenue.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Holistic Approach

Product bundling and packaging is tested within the research to replicate some of the most impactful pricing strategies that can be deployed.

Calibration to Avoid Overstating Results

Within the research itself, we embed the current product mix and pricing to help calibrate results against performance. This in turn reduces overstatement due to respondents being more highly engaged than they would be in real-time.

Focus on Incremental Demand & Profit

Once data is calibrated, our focus is on studying incrementality, or the ability to drive results above prior years and what has been budgeted for the current period. All results are conveyed as variances to “business as usual” operations.

Delivery of Models & Insightful Reports
Insightful Reports

We turn the models over to our clients to continue reaping benefits. For executive management, insightful reports with solid, detailed recommendations are provided.

Our Approach


Fully custom design, developed hand-in-hand with our clients. From which products and services to study, price ranges for each, and which competitors to include, we design to meet your needs.


We start with calibration to eliminate survey overstatement, then conduct robust analysis using interactive tools to allow an infinite number of “what-if” scenarios. We use a methodical drill-down method to isolate against the most influential elements and quickly identify where there is risk.


Recommendations are in the form of what we believe is most likely to happen with specific actions to take to minimize risk.

Featured Case Studies

When To Use Discrete Choice Research

• There is question as to how customers will respond to changes in product offering and pricing.

• Understanding the interaction of different products and services and their associated prices is complex.

• The value and risk associated with changes in pricing strategy warrant a robust approach before implementing in market.

• You are focused on structural change versus small, incremental movement in price.

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